WinZip Pro: zip, unzip & rar App Reviews

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very good

very good


Every time I have tried to created a Zip file the operation failed. I tried using both Google Drive and OneDrive for the storage options.

Got Trojan horse

Very insecure for business users.


I really love Winzip for iOS (and Mac). Easy to handle, especially the encryption functionality and document storage functions. Works perfect on all my devices.


"Addresses security issues related to XCode. It is recommended that all users install this update.” WTF?! You had a MALWARE installed within your application. And that’s how you describe your last Update? Seriously...

Made it to the CAN App Store

Finally made it to the CAN App Store at a whopping 4.99$

Very bad application!!!!!!

Dont waste your money on this application, doest work at all!!!!!


I use this all the time

Voiceover accessibility broken

I am a totally blind user, and I use Apples built-in Voiceover screenreader on my iPad. I have been using the WinZip app since October of last year, and until the latest update, the app was, although not fully accessible, usable for the most part with Voiceover. Accessibility and usability with Voiceover has been completely broken as of the latest update. Please make the app fully accessible with Voiceover!

my mistake

It doesnt recognize its own zipx files, which makes it utterly useless. Oops. Im wrong about that. Its utterly useless AND a waste of $5!

App that I long waited for

Excellent app from WinZip, I wish it opens the .rar files too.


Zips up fine, but doesnt send email and doesnt allow to open-in an app that could do a better job.

Very nice UI and workflow

Zips and unzips files and folders, supports passwords, shares with Dropbox and sets up an in-phone content directory.


I want a refund right now. I bought it because the free version said to pay to unzip my file. This app is EXPENSIVE and uselesss because the file isnt compatible with my file! I want a refund!


解凍するはいいがOpen file failed try to open it with other Appsと表示され使えない。

Waste of money

Just waste of money



Worst programme

This app is failed. I couldnt operm files!!!!!!!!!

ThatS Perfect

Seamlessly works

App doesnt work properly

When i try to unzip sth from Google drive its not working....

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